Play for BRFC

At BRFC, we are always open to new players joining us at any level, from U5s to Vets!*

We welcome players with any level of experience to come and see how we run our squads - seeing is believing, so come and find out if BRFC is the club for you.

With three senior sides, and a team at every age group for boys and girls, we are about as versatile as we can be in what we can offer. We have quality coaching at every level, with more years of experience than some would care to admit! 

BRFC takes a holistic approach to rugby - the minis, youth, Bobcats, and seniors all work together to build the Club. We knit our coaching strategies together, learn from one another, and build on each other's ideas to make sure we provide players of every age with the best experiences we can.

*We don't have an upper age limit, but we do only stock a reasonable supply of tape, so use your own discretion!

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